Foxfire – Legend of the Nine Tailed Fox

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Play where you want

We know that it’s important to port a game on multiple devices, so you are able to enjoy Foxfire on PC (STEAM, GOG) PS4, PSVITA, and Nintendo Switch

The Hero you would every wish to be

We plan Foxy games before it was cool and now you can play as a Foxy Hybrid called DAX

Achievements and Rewards

What is a game you play through in 15 minutes without any Rewards? Right a bad game, and so we offer you a rewarding experience.

in 2042 something bad happened

300 Years After the Collapse of the World an Imperator tries to rule it with iron fist but to fulfill his evil plan he needs fuel which he only can obtain by the blood of the Foxes. You are DAX the Fox hybrid you have the help from ARO the ancient Fox Ghost together you can defeat Darken the Imperator and help Dax to find out who he really is.




different Zones




Can you afford to miss it?

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