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We are proud to present you our Web page for the upcoming Game Foxfire We hope that we made everything right and you will get excited about our Game. Things were not so easy in the past so the Development was canceled several times and team Members have changed from time to time, but that’s a thing from the Past, and we are in the here and now and so everything has changed.

Our Plans for the next few weeks is making promotion as much as we can ant then launching a kickstarter campaign, to ensure that we can improve the game and its mechanics and Art style. We bet some of you might ask what type of game Foxfire is, yes it’s a Platformer but what kind of? Well Foxfire combines a little of every Platformer. The Game won’t be a triple A Game, the game will be a time travel experience to the Time when some of us were excited kids sitting in front of our Super Nintendo or Mega Drive or even PS1 and Sega Saturn and played their games. A game as simple as it was in these days with some improvements.

When Foxxio CEO was a child he loved that sort of Games, games where it was not necessary to go to university to understand how to mix a Potion of MANA in the game, he loves the Games where you are in the action right from the start with no interrupts. as seen in the game Footage his idea was heavily inspired from the great Crash bandicoot Series from naughty Dog.

We hope you will enjoy this concept and support us when we are launching the kickstarter campaign soon.

Defeat Darken the Imperator and help Dax to find out who he really is.

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